What It Means to Support Our Small Business

On Friday, October 14, Shakyra and I were honored to be part of the grand opening ceremony for Bright Endeavors’ new production facility. While lighting one of their beautiful three-wick candles, we offered these words of dedication:


May we strengthen our communities by opening our workplaces to the powerful vision and tangible possibilities that come with the motivation to see every young family thrive. May our example inspire stronger pipelines of employment and growing opportunities for all seeking employment.


To all production assistants who find jobs through employment partners, [may you] develop skills, confidence, and a vision for your future wherever you land—and pursue it with all of your heart—for yourself and your children.

Shakyra and Rachel at Bright Endeavors

Bright Endeavors is the social enterprise arm of New Moms, a nonprofit that partners with young moms and their children who are experiencing poverty and homelessness. At Bright Endeavors, these young women gain job training and employment skills while producing gorgeous candles and home fragrance products. I reached out to New Moms in search of job candidates in 2021 because my mission for Bartleby’s is to provide compassionate, humane employment, and like New Moms, I believe that providing such employment to young mothers in particular helps to strengthen the local community as a whole. My goal for the next year is to increase and stabilize Shakyra’s weekly hours while bringing on at least one additional hire from New Moms.

How can you, as a follower and friend of Bartleby’s, support our mission? By eating more ice cream! We need more, and more consistent, orders in order to achieve our employment goal. We’ve worked hard to create a variety of products for you to enjoy, from special occasion cakes to everyday ice cream treats, and a variety of way for you to purchase them, including through our website, at our retail partners, and from our catering and wedding menus. Anytime you’re thinking about dessert, think Bartleby’s, and use your purchasing power to support a small business that empowers young moms like Shakyra.