Spotlight on Sandwiches

Happy August! This month we’re switching things up a little by featuring dairy and vegan ice cream sandwiches instead of cakes of the month. And that’s because we just have to share these sandwiches with you. We’ve been perfecting these recipes for months, and now they are, quite simply, perfect.

The vegan ice cream sandwich features our original mango vegan ice cream. A silky puree of fresh Manila mangos blends beautifully with our lightly coconutty vegan ice cream base for a tropical taste sensation. We also created chewy vegan sugar cookies flavored with real freeze-dried strawberries to make an appropriately sweet-tart (and adorably orange-pink) sandwich. We are SO excited to share this sandwich with you.

The dairy ice cream sandwich debuted a couple of months ago as an exclusive offering for the Taylor’s Tacos menu. Now it’s on our menu too! This ice cream is steeped with arborio rice, Ceylon cinnamon, and vanilla, and it tastes like the creamiest, richest horchata you can imagine. It pairs delightfully with our deep, dark brown-butter blondies.

It’s every marketer’s challenge to convince you that their products are awesome, but I am wracking my brains over here trying to come up with the right words to make you understand that THESE SANDWICHES ARE EVERYTHING. I guess I’ll just have to leave it at that. Both sandwiches are available to purchase in 5-packs ($25) or 10-packs ($45). You should buy them.

Mail-Order Testing Starts Soon

Keep an eye on your inbox for another email from us soon, seeking recipients for our first test mail-order shipments! We’ve always wanted to share our ice cream with the world; as a first step we’re going to try shipping cakes and ice cream sandwiches to locations in the upper Midwest within a short radius of Chicago. If you have friends or loved ones whose zip codes are in our one-day ground shipping area, you can buy them some ice cream and we’ll cover all the shipping and handling costs during this test period. If all goes well, we’ll be expanding to a larger shipping region within the next few months—stay tuned!

Kite String Collaboration

Those of you who are in Chicago may know about a little gem of a bar, restaurant, and food market on the corner of Addison and Wolcott called Kite String Cantina. They sell delicious homemade taquitos, tortilla chips, salsas, and cocktails, and their bar features Banhez artisanal mezcal. We approached them one day about selling our ice cream, and the conversation ended with all of us hopping up and down over the idea of incorporating Banhez into an ice cream flavor. Thus was born our Strawberry Mezcal, an ice cream that blends sweet strawberries and smoky mezcal with a dash of salt and a pinch of lime zest into a well-balanced creamy cocktail that you won’t be able to put down. This flavor is only available at Kite String, so run on over there and pick some up! (And get their a-may-zing vegan ranch chips while you’re there!)

Speaking of Collaborations

Do you know a bar, restaurant, or local grocery store that could use some delicious ice cream on its menu? Let us know! We’re expanding and are open to any and all ideas!

Giving Back

We donated $50 to the Greater Chicago Food Depository, representing 10% of our July profits. Thanks for helping us have another great month!