Same-Day Cake Ordering

For custom ice cream cakes, we require at least 2 days' advance notice. That gives us time to make your choice of ice cream flavors (from scratch!), harden the cake in the deep-freeze, and add decorations. But sometimes you realize you need a cake sooner than that—tomorrow, or even tonight. For times like that, we’ve got you covered with our premade cake options!

Bartleby’s premade cakes are our most popular flavor combinations and sizes, already frozen and just waiting to be decorated. Keeping them in stock means that we can create a cake for you with as little as one hour’s notice! (Heads-up: These are available on weekdays only, when we have a decorator in the kitchen. If you have a weekend celebration, be sure to plan ahead and order a custom cake.)

Bartleby's 8-inch premade cake

Here’s how to get one:

Get in Touch

Premade cakes can be ordered in two ways: Walk in to our location at Lincoln Cafe and Market and ask to speak to a Bartleby’s staff member, or call our Customer Relations Manager Rhonda at 872-256-1559. We’ll take your order and payment on the spot and set your pickup or delivery time. We’ll need at least one hour to decorate your cake, and sometimes more depending on the day’s schedule.

Choose a Size and Flavor Combination

All premade cakes are available in two sizes:
6" round (serves 6–10)—$60
8" round (serves 8–12)—$70

Option A (Dairy or Vegan):
Cookie Dough ice cream
+ Cookies and Cream ice cream
+ Chocolate chip cookies 

Option B (Dairy only):
Vanilla ice cream
+ Chocolate ice cream
+ Brownies 

Option C (Dairy only):
Salted Caramel ice cream
+ Coffee ice cream
+ Blondies

Add Custom Decorations

Frosting (choose one):
Vanilla whipped cream
Chocolate whipped cream
Vegan buttercream

Message (choose one):
In Fudge sauce
In Caramel sauce
In Vegan Buttercream

Decorations (choose two):
Caramel sauce
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (V)
Chocolate Sprinkles (V)
Chopped Sandwich Cookies (V)
Fudge sauce
Mini Chocolate Chips (V)
Mini Cones (V)
Rainbow Sprinkles (V)
Toasted Pecans (V)

Other decorations and special designs may be available for an additional fee.

We love being your neighborhood ice cream cake shop. Come on in and order with us today!