Our Partnership and Fundraiser with New Moms

This month Bartleby’s is starting a partnership with New Moms, a nonprofit serving Chicago and the near west suburbs, which puts families experiencing poverty in control of their goals in the areas of housing, job training, and family support. The partnership arose when I needed to hire new kitchen assistants and wanted to use the opportunity to advance Bartleby’s mission of providing humane employment opportunities.

Try these sandwiches and support New Moms!

Bartleby, the character that the business is named for, was a workplace misfit unbearably oppressed by the demands of capitalism. In my former career, I was also a workplace misfit who couldn’t stomach the inhumanity of organizational hierarchies. One of my goals in creating this business was to design a workplace where the workers are seen, heard, and empowered; where the work flexes to fit them, rather than the workers having to contort themselves to fit the work.

In reaching out to New Moms about hiring graduates from their job training program, I was hoping to find job candidates who could particularly benefit from this mission and could also help me continue learning how to bring the mission to life. New mothers are people who simply can’t pretend that the rest of their life goes away when they’re at work—something that workplaces are demanding more and more these days. As an employer, I want to be able to accommodate workers as whole people, validating their needs, priorities, and preferences. Working with new mothers will help me establish policies and practices that make this goal real.


To support New Moms’ overall programming, we’re raising funds through sales of a new, limited-time menu item: Avocado Ice Cream Sandwiches. These sandwiches feature ice cream made with fresh, buttery avocados and a hint of vanilla, surrounded by our delectable homemade chocolate chip cookies.

The sandwiches are available for mail order too!

100% of the profits from sales of these sandwiches will be donated to New Moms. The sandwiches are available for a limited time only, while our avocado supplies last. Try this amazing new flavor and support an amazing nonprofit today!