Order Bartleby’s in-store at L&M Fine Foods

We are huge fans of L&M Fine Foods, a specialty grocery and deli in North Center. Until our recent menu revisions, L&M was the biggest seller of our ice cream sandwiches in Chicago. Now that we’re refocusing on cakes, they’ve stepped up to partner with us in a new way: taking cake orders for us in their store!

Now, in addition to their mouthwatering deli sandwiches (try the porchetta!) and their expertly curated selection of packaged goods (including local friends like Dilly Dally Provisions and Katherine Anne Confections), L&M carries Bartleby’s order forms featuring five of our most popular cake combinations. As always, vegan and gluten-free options are included!

Cakes are available in our full range of sizes and can be customized with a message and/or upgraded with a chocolate candle or a Bartleby’s greeting card. Fill out your order at the front counter and the L&M staff will send it along to us. Complete your order by Tuesday to have your cake delivered to the store for pickup by 4 PM the same Friday.

Ordering and pickup all in one friendly neighborhood spot, where you can also grab a great cup of coffee and a fresh-baked biscuit? What a deal!