Everything Is Different, But We Still Have Ice Cream

Friends, it is stressful out there. Times like these drive a lot of us to the freezer looking for sweet solace. Bartleby’s wants to be there for you, so we’ve changed our menu to focus on single-serving or family-size treats ideal for eating at home.

Also, let’s be honest, we’re not selling a lot of party cakes these days—nor should we be. But we still have a large inventory of perishable milk, cream, and baked goods that we would hate to just throw away (all that hard work by the cows!), as well as a staff that depends on income from the business.

So we’re not shutting down, but for the time being we are narrowing our menu to a more limited set of flavors and formats appropriate to the circumstances. You’ll still find the same freshness and extraordinary gourmet quality in our pints and quarts, ice cream sandwiches, and cake slices that you know from our custom orders, but some of our menu items and ice cream flavors are taking a break for practicality’s sake.

We will take all the usual precautions required of food businesses to keep your ice cream safe, and then some; we’ve already been in hand-washing and glove-wearing hyperdrive for a couple of weeks. Our production facility, The Hatchery, is also ramping up its sanitation and security measures.

And to help limit the number of people out and about in the city, we’ll be selling ice cream for delivery only. We’ve lowered our usual $25 delivery fee to just $10 and will be making deliveries in a limited window of 3–5 PM for efficiency. We’ll contact you before your delivery to arrange a way for us to drop off your ice cream with minimal social contact.

So, that’s our status for at least the next few weeks. Please call or email us anytime if you have questions. We hope to be partying with you again soon! Meanwhile, stay safe, be well, and thank you so much for your support.