Closing one chapter to begin another

Dear friends of Bartleby’s,

As the year comes to an end, I have decided to take this natural turning point to close one chapter of this business and get ready for the next. Bartleby’s Ice Cream Cakes will stop operations after December 24, 2023. From then on, I’ll be working on plans for Bartleby’s Homemade Ice Cream, a full-service ice cream shop with scoops, cakes, sundaes, sandwiches, and more.

We are still working to nail down a location for the shop—cross your fingers that a recent promising development will pan out! I will keep you posted as we have news to share.

Meanwhile, we would love to stock your freezers to tide you over during our break! We will keep taking orders until noon on Thursday, December 21. The last day for deliveries will be Friday, December 22, and the last day for pickup at Lincoln Cafe & Market will be Sunday, December 24. Please help us use up our inventory and go out with a bang by getting those last orders in!

Thank you for your support at this bittersweet turning point and over the past 5 years. It’s been a true joy to be part of your special occasions, celebrations, moments of indulgence, and expressions of love. I’ll miss it so much while we’re closed, but I look forward to returning soon with even more ways to share love in the form of ice cream.

With gratitude,