Bartleby’s Featured on New Moms Blog

Two years ago, I reached out to Chicago nonprofit organization New Moms to ask if they could refer a graduate of their job training program, Bright Endeavors. I knew that they enrolled low-income women with young children in their program to provide them with both soft and hard job skills, and that the program produced beautiful candles and home fragrance products.

I was interested in hiring one of their trainees because I founded Bartleby’s with the purpose of providing humane, compassionate employment, and I believe that low-income mothers are among the groups in America who need this kind of job the most.

Now, two years later, I'm still working with the woman they referred to me, Shakyra. In the Bartleby’s kitchen she has learned everything from how to measure and weigh ingredients to how to cook caramel, one of the trickiest tasks in pastry. She single-handedly produces most of our ice cream, and she’s a responsible, communicative, thoughtful member of the team. She and I are both extremely proud of all she’s accomplished!   

New Moms profiled Bartleby’s on its blog this month. For more about our partnership and Shakyra’s experience at Bartleby’s, read their lovely post!